• Eligibility Rules
  • First Year Qualifying Examination
  • Age Limit for Admission
  • Allocation of Seats

1. Eligibility Rules

Candidates satisfying the following eligibility rules as on first July of the year are alone eligible to apply. .

Candidates belonging to Tamil Nadu only will be considered Nativity : for admission. However, the following categories of candidates are eligible to apply subject to certain conditions. .

Children of Central Government Employees, not domicile of Tamil Nadu, may also apply and compete under Open Competitions for admission, irrespective of their domicile, provided their parents or guardians (only if parents are not alive) are serving in Tamil Nadu continuously for the past five years at the time of submission of application which should be supported by enclosing a certificate from the employer of the parent or guardian. .

Children of persons (not domicile of Tamil Nadu) employed in Private or Public or Government recognised Institutions who are at the time of submission of application for admission employed in Tamil Nadu may apply and compete for admission under open competition irrespective of their domicile provided a certificate from the management is enclosed along with the application that the person is permanent Employee of the Firm or Institution concerned and is working in Tamil Nadu continuously for the past five years. .

Tamil Nadu Candidates with Schooling in Tamil Nadu for IX Std. onwards need not enclose the Permanent Residence Certificate. In case they have passed the IX, X or their equivalent Examination from Schools situated outside Tamil Nadu, a copy of “Certificate or Permanent Residence” (to be obtained from Tahsildhar) should be enclosed with the application for considering them as candidates belonging to Tamil Nadu. .

Other State candidates with schooling in Tamil Nadu for IX Std. onwards need not enclose “Certificate of Permanent Residence”. They are eligible for Open Competition only.

2. First Year Qualifying Examination

A pass in the 10th Standard (SSLC) or any other equivalent qualification. .

SSLC Candidates may also seek admission with marks secured in the improvement examination if they are advantageous.

3. Age Limit for Admission

No Age limit

4. Allocation of Seats

Selection shall be made under seven categories following the rules of reservation inforce at the time of publication of the selection list.

CommunityIntake in Percent (%)
Open Competition31 %
Backward Class (Others)26.5 %
Backward Class (Muslims)3.5 %
MBC (V)10.5 %
DNC7 %
MBC (O)2.5 %
Schedule Caste15 %
Schedule Caste (Arunthathiyars)3 %
Schedule Tribe1 %

Candidates seeking admission against ST /SC / MBC & DNC / BC quota should obtain the certificate of social status in the prescribed permanent Community Cards and produce it at the time of admission.


Diploma Course (Printing Technology)

(a) Eligibility

Applicants belonging to Tamil Nadu only will be considered for admission.

 (b) Qualifying Examination

A pass in HSC (Academic / Vocational) courses offered in the Higher Secondary Schools in Tamil Nadu affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Board with eligibility for University Courses of study or equivalent examination.  – Vocational

Related Vocational / Technical Subjects

[OR] (Theory / Practicals)

S.S.L.C. with 2 years I.T.I. with Printing trade.

(c) Age Limit

No Age limit


Fee to be charged by the Government and Government Aided Polytechnic Institutions

(i) Admission Fees …Rs. 2 /-
(ii) Special Fees …Rs. 1,000 /-
(iii) Development Fees …Rs. 1,000 /-
(iv) N.S.S. …Rs. 10 /-
(v) Youth Red Cross …Rs. 20 /-
(vi) Flag Day …Rs. 10 /-
(vii) Student Caution Deposit …Rs. 50 /-
(viii) Verification of Marksheet …Rs.50 /-
(ix) Admission Verification Charge …Rs.15 /-
Total …Rs. 2,157 /-

Caution deposit has to be paid at the time of admission only. This amount will be refunded at the end of the course or earlier if the student discontinues his/her studies. Recoveries will be claimed for breakage or damage, loss of furniture, machines, tools etc. if any, caused by the student during academic year.

Last date for the remittance of fees without fine is 10 working days from the date of re-opening of the Institution after summer vacation. Fees will be collected with a fine of Re. 1/- per day subject to a maximum of 15 working days (Rs. 15/-) after which the names of defaulters will be removed from the Rolls. .

In special cases, such as illness, fees with fine will be accepted upto a period of 15 days, if the student has applied for medical leave to the Principal with medical certificate, provided the student has sufficient attendance of 80% minimum. .

If readmitted, the student will have to pay the amount due on the date of removal, that is tuition fees plus fine for 15 days, plus are-admission fee of Rs. 2/-..

Fees once paid will not be refunded. .

Scholarships, educational loans are available for eligible students. .


Board Examinations are conducted at the end of each semester both in theory and practical subjects by the State Board of Technical Education, Tamil Nadu.

To examine and evaluate the candidates in the practical examinations Internal and External Examiners are appointed by the Chairman, Board of Examinations.

Board Examination Fees Details

S. NoDetailsRs.
1Cost of application form30/-
2Diploma Theory, Practical and Project Work Regular Candidates (First Appearance) Paper65/-
3Mark Sheet (Fresh)40/-
4Duplicate Hall Ticket35/-
5Penalty fee for belated application150/-
6Award of Diploma Certificate225/-
7Provisional Certificate110/-
8Consolidated Mark sheet60/-
9Duplicate Diploma certificate450/-
10Duplicate Mark Sheet with in 5 years90/-
11Duplicate Mark Sheet after 5 years but with in 10 years135/-
12Duplicate Mark Sheet after 10 years180/-
13Migration Certificate and equivalency certificates150/-
14Genuiness verification of Mark sheets and Certificates with in 10 years (Per Certificate)300/-
15Genuiness verification of Mark sheets and Certificates after 10 years
(Per Certificate)

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